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19 Oct 2007 Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow because they tolerate a variety of soil types and It is best to plant herbs in soil with good drainage. The cold temperatures of winter may damage or kill some perennial herbs.

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22 Jul 2018 Herbs are hands down the most utilised and important plants of the garden. They are easy to grow and most will produce year-round, so if you have the what most people would assume - it really isn't the best time for planting. All plants have an preferred soil temperature to stimulate optimal growth. Decide what herbs you wish to grow and read up to find out how they are best A 4-inch layer of mulch will help keep plants warm when temperatures turn cold. 1 Oct 2019 Here are five herbs that can take the stress of being at high altitude, short season If you live in an area with sketchy temperatures and unpredictable weather, grow as much as you 5 Best Perennial Herbs for Your Garden. 2 Oct 2019 Here are five great herbs to grow in pots and how to keep them alive. Almost any recipe is better if you put parsley in or on it (okay, perhaps not It is easy to start from seed, but is fussy about temperature—it gets depressed