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Feb 23, 2008 · Its also in Benadryl FYI. It all depends on metabolism and when you last ate. Its different for everyone. It can take 20 minutes, it can take an hour and a half. Taking more won't help, dosages between 150mg and 850mg can get you high, so don't take too much if you don't want that to happen. It becomes a deliriant/hallucinogen at those dosages. Crazy Benadryl Dreams? | Yahoo Answers Nov 14, 2011 · The explanation is simple. Your dreams happen during the REM phase portion of the sleep. Benadryl makes you fall asleep deeper and more soundly, which in turn, lets you spend more time in the REM phase, which is a transition of sorts between deep sleep (NREM) and being awake. Today We Have a Showdown Between Benadryl and the Evil Dex

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It was really traumatic. Between the Benadryl and the sleep deprivation I just wasn't in reality any more. I was pretty young, but I specifically remember these demons that I would always see out of the corner of my eyes but weren't there when I looked for them, and I watched the floor fall out from under me and swarms of spiders coming from the pit. TIL that Benadryl, when taken at extremely high - reddit TIL that Benadryl, when taken at extremely high doses, causes hallucinations that are so vivid they are indistinguishable from reality. They are usually of friends/relatives (who often have conversations with the user) and giant spiders.

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If your cat suffers from anxiety, allergies, or motion sickness, you may be considering giving him Benadryl. Discover the side effects of Benadryl for cats! Některé se liší otvorem na spodní straně, jiné odstínem nebo velikostí. Wondering if you should take a benadryl for cough? Here's what you need to know before you, or your kids, takes diphenhydramine.